Welcome to VX Mods

We are a small company with vast knowledge of Vauxhall’s, we currently do retrofits including, Bluetooth, Sat nav, Electric windows, AFL, Xenons, to name but a few. We cover nearly all vauxhall makes/models. All harnesses are professionally made & all the parts we use are GENUINE vauxhall parts! There is no job too BIG or small, if vauxhall say it cant be done, then give us a call…

Vauxhall Modifications

Have you ever wanted to add additional factory options such as bluetooth, xenons or Sat Nav to your Vauxhall?

Here at VXMods we’ve been retrofitting factory fit items to Vauxhalls for years.

We can offer a number of tailored solutions to meet your needs from you supplying the parts to us carrying out the work at your home or work Premises (subject to distance).

For a complete list of what we can fit please feel free to contact us..


Have you got a Warning light illuminated on your dashboard?
Just bought a car and want to check the health of your new vehicle?

With our Vehicle Diagnostics check service we will connect our diagnostics computers to your vehicle, read any fault codes and advise you on what they mean. At VxMods we have the latest MDI2 Diagnostic system software.

In order for us to read codes, we will need your security code, this is often found on your car pass. A car pass is a credit card sized piece of cardboard with details of chassis number, radio code and security code, similar to picture below.


Please contact us for prices…